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In a 16-week study to determine the effects of fucoxanthin on weight loss, participants who ingested fucoxanthin supplements “lost an average of more than 15 pounds compared with just three pounds in their placebo-supplemented peers,” according to Goepp. The weight loss is attributed to fucoxanthin’s ability to help white adipose fat mimic brown fat, which burns energy rather than stores it.

What has Dr Oz got to say about it?
During the latter part of 2011 the Dr Oz Show focused on the potential ability the brown seaweed has to help people lose weight. Now he was careful to note that the ideal way to do this was not to eat the seaweed itself. As I mentioned above, while brown seaweed does have fucoxanthin in it, you won’t get enough of it from eating the seaweed in its natural form.

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Have you ever had the experience of discovering an old pair of favorite jeans in the back of the closet and feeling like you have found a long lost friend? Then the decisive moment arrives and you slip into them and they seem to fit just as you remember they did until you go to button them. As soon you pull them around your waist, you realize the belly fat that seemed to appear out of nowhere is going to keep you from wearing them today. You wonder if you just need to donate them to charity or if you have a chance to fit into the jeans comfortably again.

Well, do not despair because Dr. Oz talked about a miracle supplement made from brown seaweed called FucoXanthin. Not only does FucoXanthin boost your metabolism so you can lose weight quickly, but is also specifically targets the stubborn belly fat that seems to stay on your body no matter how much you exercise or diet. In one clinical study, the subjects lost an average of 11 pounds in just one month. The good news for you is that most of this weight loss occurred around the stomach area, so you can get into those wonderful old jeans again.

FucoXanthin is available in a patch, which provides a time-released dose of this supplement so you can just apply it and forget it. The patch is also great for people who struggle to when they take oversize capsule. Additionally, the patch is easier to take with you when you travel than a clumsy bottle of pills.

You will be back in those comfortable old jeans soon.

Last time you and your friends got together, everyone was talking about how to lose those extra inches around their waistline that seem to creep up as people approach middle age. While everyone was complaining about how diets and exercise do not seem to get rid of this stubborn belly fat, a friend started talking about this new metabolism boosting miracle supplement called FucoXanthin she heard about on the Dr. Oz Show. She said this new supplement could get rid of the fat around the midsection people seem to accumulate after they reach their forties. Everything she said sounded great, but you had a whole list of questions about FucoXanthin works and she did not have the answers.

Answers to frequently questions about how FucoXanthin works:
Q. What is FucoXanthin and is it natural?
A. FucoXanthin is derived from the natural pigment xanophyll, which is found in brown seaweed and brown algae.

Q. How does FucoXanthin work?
A. FucoXanthin appears to target the white fat cells that tend to gather around the abdomen and quickly burns them by raising the rate of metabolism.

Q. Does FucoXanthin have any other health benefits?
A. Yes, FucoXanthin promotes the creation of a molecule in the body called DHA, which increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin and reduces the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. Additionally, DHA has been shown to reduce triglycerides and low density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) that contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Q. I hate taking pills, but I want to get all the health benefits provided by FucoXanthin. Does it come in any forms?
A. Yes, FucoXanthin comes in an easy to use patch so you get a time-released dosage of the supplement. Clinically studies show that medicine and supplements administered through a patch tend to be more effective than those taken orally are.

Q. What are the ingredients in GHI FucoXanthin Weight Loss Patches?
A. Each patch contains:
FucoXanthin (Brown SeaWeed Concentrate) 15mg
Pomegranate 25mg
Hoodia Gordonii 25mg

Now that you have all the answers about FucoXanthin, make sure you order high-quality FucoXanthin patches that are 100 percent pure, like those offered on this site. Once you have received them, you will be well on your way to losing that belly fat as well as enjoying the other health benefits provided by FucoXanthin.

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