Green Coffee Bean Diet Scam – (research shows it’s not)

Many people are looking for a better weight loss method. The newest craze seems to be green coffee bean supplements, but are they as good as the hype? In a word, yes there is preliminary research that shows that it does indeed work well for weight loss. A doctor, as with any weight loss plan, should always supervise using green coffee bean supplements but the results seem to speak for themselves.

Green coffee bean supplements are made from unroasted coffee beans, with only 20 mg of caffeine per serving size. This is a very small amount of caffeine, as coffee can run 100 mg to 400 mg depending on type and size. There will not be the anxiety associated with high-caffeine diet plans. The weight loss is not spawned by caffeine, there is something else at play. Dosage, as reported on the Dr. Oz blog, is recommended to be two 400 mg tablets taken half an hour before meals, two to three times a day.

According to a research study reported by WebMD, 16 people were placed on green coffee bean supplements and a placebo while their weight loss was reported over a 22 week span. Those on the green coffee bean lost more weight than those on a placebo, and the ones that took a higher dose of the green coffee bean as opposed to a lower dose lost even more weight. This was a study funded by the Applied Food Sciences board and participants were 22 years old to 46 years old.

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